The problems with hacks

‘A political hack is a negative term ascribed to a person who is part of the political party apparatus, but whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction.’ – Wikipedia (6/3/16)

While even Wikipedia knows hacks are a bad thing, hacks and their hackery occupy a special place in Australian politics, carrying out the bulk of work within all parties. We wouldn’t have the democracy we do without them.

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Putting horse racing out of its misery

Horse racing accident showing two horses falling, one with a broken leg

Today is the Melbourne Cup. It’s a big deal.

Over 100,000 people will be drinking and gambling themselves silly at a park in Flemington while horses run around being whipped by people wearing colourful pajamas.

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Labor and the Greens play Deal or No Deal in Victoria

Note: This article was originally published by Crikey on 10 November 2014

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Social media for social change

Note: This was first published on 22 April 2015 by Informa Australia

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What we’re writing about

This month we will start publishing articles here from SCP and our friends that touch on issues or topics relevant to our goal to make the community more just, compassionate and sustainable – and the areas we work in.

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