Engaging people in the big issues online

Australians for Affordable Housing approached us with a challenge. They had achieved outstanding success in obtaining media coverage but had yet to realise their full potential to engage people across Australia in their work.

Given limited resources and the need to cover a national constituency, online strategies were prioritised. We devekoped their first online engagement plan covering their website, email news bulletins, Facebook and Twitter, as well as canvassing other options as well.

Within a few weeks of commencing the new strategy, with an initial focus on Facebook, they saw their Facebook likers nearly double from around 800 to around 1,500 and the levels of reach and engagement were at one stage more than ten times the previous average.

Online chats were held on both Twitter and Facebook to coincide with the launch of their national reform plan and we were asked to continue an ongoing role with the campaign and maintain the focus on high quality online communications and community building.

The continuing roll-out of the online engagement plan will involve thousands more households across the country in this important reform project and hopefully lead to a fairer (and more affordable) community for all of us.