Fighting to save vital homelessness and family violence services

During the final few months of 2016, working with Homelessness Australia and National Shelter, we design and implement a strategy to bring together over 230 community organisations and thousands of individuals around the country to publicly oppose the $115 million in cuts that were being proposed by the Federal Government.

The Save NPAH Campaign carried out a series of highly targeted actions aimed at demonstrating the strength of the homelessness and family violence sectors and the community support we could muster to defend the vital work being done across the country to support 80,00 Australians through NPAH-funded services.

The outcome was a win at the December COAG meeting with a 12 month extension plus CPI increase announced by the Treasurer. This amounts to $117 million for hundreds of services in every state and territory.

The campaign will continue in 2017, building on the success we have had already to advocate for a new national affordable housing and homelessness strategy.

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