Using the media to challenge harmful prejudice

The No to Homophobia Campaign is a coalition of LGBTIQ, anti-discrimination and mental health groups that came together to design and implement a small but groundbreaking social marketing campaign based on research on the negative effects of homophonbic, transphobic and biphobic harassment and its continuing prevalance in sports, schools, workplaces and public.

They had already filmed and rough-edited two 30 second TV commercials and produced a comprehensive online resource to enable people to get informed about harassment and their rights; find personal support; and take action to put a stop to the behaviour.

We were asked to help them with three things.

  1. Develop a simple communications strategy, including identification of target audiences, public/private messaging and a networking strategy
  2. Secure high quality media coverage targeted at mainstream outlets
  3. Advise on and support their social media work on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

This was an exciting project from the start – The chance to play a role in an Australian-first campaign reaching deep into the heart of suburban and regional Victoria (and Australia). Early on we made a committment to contribute a number of hours pro bono to extend the scope of support we could provide.

The results (already) have been spectacular. The campaign launched received over 70 media hits nationally, including four separate articles in the Herald-Sun and coverage on commercial radio and TV news. The TV ads were seen more than 30,000 times on YouTube in the first week and the campaign website had over 10,000 hits, both which were key outcomes of the strategy. We quickly reached 4,000 likers on Facebook and 1,000 followers on Twitter. Combined, Facebook and Twitter had a million views in the first week post-launch.

Even more powerfully, the campaign helped inspire a young footy player to publicly come out and launch a personal petition asking the AFL to take action against homophobia in football. This followed the AFL supporting the campaign at launch and committing to discussions around how they can do more in this area. Two weeks later the campaign TV ads were played prior to preliminary finals matches in Melbourne and Sydney.

Now, thanks to this success, the No to Homophobia Campaign is looking at establishing itself as an ongoing social marketing project and the result will be a safer and more accepting community for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning people.

The Human Rights Law Centre‘s Director of Advocacy and Strategic Litigation Anna Brown said ‘Daniel delivered in spades for the No to Homophobia Campaign. He generated an outstanding level of media coverage for the campaign in line with a strategy which aimed to reach mainstream media outlets. He was professional in his dealings with media outlets and other stakeholders and provided helpful support for the campaign above and beyond his contracted role.’

Transgender Victoria representative Sally Goldner said ‘Daniel did an awesome job on a groundbreaking campaign that needed networks and contacts – and Daniel had them.’

Need to use the media to grab attention and get your message across? Contact Daniel on 0402 596 297.